The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans

DJ Yabis in Kotor, Montenegro, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine
DreamEuroTrip’s DJ Yabis in Kotor, Montenegro

We think the Balkans are the next big-time gay getaway! Have you seen an uptick in posts from insider-y gay travel friends in Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the other small countries in the Balkan Peninsula. (See the map below.) While you’re planning your own trip, follow along with updates from some of our correspondents traveling there now.

*Our very own Steve Roth is posting photos to Instagram. From Steve:

My friend Steve (yes another Steve!) and I love traveling together. We wanted to do a late-summer trip to Europe but we’ve both traveled pretty extensively throughout the continent. We looked at a map and realized that the Balkans were the one ‘hole’ in our European travels, and so the idea for this trip was born. We soon came up with our itinerary… Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Our goals for the trip are to have some adventures, eat some good food and see a corner of Europe that not a lot of Americans experience. I think we’re going to thought place for all three!

*Our gay-tour operator pals at Zoom Vacations are visiting there now. Check out their Facebook feed here. One of our correspondent’s Bryan Herb is a co-owner of Zoom Vacations.

*Another correspondent DJ Yabis has been posting amazing photos to Instagram from Montenegro, Croatia and other places in the Balkans. Check him out  in the photo above in Kotor, Montenegro. DJ is an expert in helping travelers plan and budget for trips to Europe. Check out his company, DreamEuroTrip.

And be sure to follow our editor Ed Salvato’s travels through the Balkans (on this blog, on Instagram and on Facebook) on the Source Events Treasures of Venice and Dalmatian Coast cruise September 12-19.

A map of the Balkans

The Balkans in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine
The Balkans

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