New York City Love Letters: Photos from a Bike Ride around Randalls and Wards Island

Today’s socially distant exercise bike ride took me east through upper Harlem and across the Madison Avenue Bridge through Mott Haven in the Bronx and onto Randalls and Ward Islands, which I just learned are conjoined islands separated from most of Manhattan by the Harlem River, from Queens by the East River and Hell Gate,Continue reading “New York City Love Letters: Photos from a Bike Ride around Randalls and Wards Island”

In NYC? Join our LGBT Travel Panel at the New York Times Travel Show Sat., Jan. 28 at 12:15

ManAboutWorld’s editor in chief Ed Salvato will moderate an information-packed and lively LGBT travel panel at the NY Times Travel Show Sat., Jan. 28 starting at 12:15pm. (More information about the panel here.) All are welcome! This session is designed for LGBT travelers as well as travel professionals interested in learning about trends, destinations, tours, cruises andContinue reading “In NYC? Join our LGBT Travel Panel at the New York Times Travel Show Sat., Jan. 28 at 12:15”

Five NYC Boutique Fitness Studios We Love

A good workout is an crucial aspect of a NYC visit for most gay male travelers. Hotel gyms often suck though. On your next visit, take a high-energy class at one of these great boutique fitness studios. You’ll stay fit, burn (on average) 500 to 1,000 calories and possibly meet your next short-term boyfriend. We visited theseContinue reading “Five NYC Boutique Fitness Studios We Love”

La Guardia Needs A New Name!

It’s about time we renamed La Guardia airport! With the proposed (long-overdue, much-desired) top-to-bottom renovation of La Guardia, the New York Times ponders this question: Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has declared that the $4 billion rebuilding planned at La Guardia Airport in Queens will amount to replacing the airport “in its entirety.” So is it time, after 76 years, to replace the name, too? It wasContinue reading “La Guardia Needs A New Name!”

Whitney Museum, Stunning Attraction for Gay Travelers

The new Whitney Museum is a masterpiece. The building is cool in an industrial sort of way with drop-dead views from multiple outdoor spaces and well-placed windows; big open spaces housing some of the world’s greatest modern art; and several places to pick up cute, artsy gifts or have some very good food, wine orContinue reading “Whitney Museum, Stunning Attraction for Gay Travelers”

LGBT Guide To New York City By Bike With NYCGo

Check us out on their website, (screenshot above). Download this free app for access to a bike guide with itineraries and the inside scoop on where to go, eat and shop in the City. We are excited about our collaboration with NYC & Company, New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization. Get it here: Google Play The iTunes AppContinue reading “LGBT Guide To New York City By Bike With NYCGo”

The Gay Graves of Brooklyn

The Gay Graves Tour, a one-of-a-kind tour at Green-Wood Cemetery, a National Historic Landmark in Brooklyn, returns for spring 2015. The tour will introduce you to the famous and the not-so-famous gay men and lesbians who are among the permanent residents at Green-Wood. The Gay Graves Tour is conducted entirely on foot. Tickets are $30 per person. Beginning at the fabulous Victorian Gothic entry gateContinue reading “The Gay Graves of Brooklyn”

I’m Speaking at NY Travel Fest April 18, 2015

I have been inivited to join the New York Travel Festival panel on April 18 to discuss “What Gay Travel Gets Right:What other niches can learn from LGBT marketing.” Moderated by Mark Chestnut, Ed will join Matt Skallerud to discuss what has made LGBT travel marketing strategies successful, how these tactics work for other niches inContinue reading “I’m Speaking at NY Travel Fest April 18, 2015”