UPDATE: TSA Pre Check To Add More Airports

A sign of improvement at airport security ***UPDATE: Expedited screening coming to more airports. See note below.***  The TSA is not really gay at all but I had to somehow include a queer angle to an essentially sexual-orientation-free story. This brief update is to offer praise for two time-saving and stress-reducing new(ish) programs offered byContinue reading “UPDATE: TSA Pre Check To Add More Airports”

Travel Geeks Take Note: New Airport in Berlin Opens in June

This just in from the folks at http://www.visitBerlin.com: On June 3, 2012 the brand-spanking new Brandenburg BER airport in Berlin opens and the two remaining airports, Tegel and Schönefeld, will be shut down permanently. (Tempelhof airport was closed in 2008.) There is a lot of information about the new airport that is interesting and exciting like its convenientContinue reading “Travel Geeks Take Note: New Airport in Berlin Opens in June”