San Juan Spring Break is Coming!

    An update from our beloved correspondent, Harvard student and frequent traveler, Allister Chang: From the team that perfected “guerilla” takeovers of straight clubs, comes gay spring break San Juan 2015! On March 25-29 The Welcoming Committee (TWC) will bring LGBTQs from eight different cities to Puerto Rico. Whether you go by yourself, with a partner, or a group ofContinue reading “San Juan Spring Break is Coming!”

A Future Of Travel So Gay Kathy Griffin Loves It

By Boston-based Global Correspondent Allister Chang Boston-based The Welcoming Committee is bringing an innovative spirit of lighthearted activism into the world of gay travel. The TWC’s recent “take overs” of ski resorts, casinos, and other destinations have brought together a range of gay Bostonians. “Soon we’ll take over Cancun for Spring Break,” says Ashley Lucas, aContinue reading “A Future Of Travel So Gay Kathy Griffin Loves It”