What a Bargain! Canada Is a Gay Travel Deal

Check out this gay travel deal: The Canadian dollar has dropped in value compared to the U.S. dollar. In fact the exchange rate as of now is about $1 US to $1.32 CAD. Essentially US greenbacks go about 30% further in Canada. Eat, sleep and part-ay one third more right now.

Gay Pride Montreal: 5 Things Not To Miss

Gay Pride Montreal (Fierté gai, à la française) unfurls its giant rainbow flag, fabulous (and talented) drag queens, hot hot go-go boys and a whole lot of amour August 10-16. It’s one of our favorite Prides on the continent and combines the je ne sais quoi we love about French-speaking Canada with a friendly and enthusiastic (not to mention well-organized) British/North American vibe. Pride includes a weekContinue reading “Gay Pride Montreal: 5 Things Not To Miss”

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Atlantic Canada’s Gay Heart Celebrates Milestone

One of the friendliest spots in Canada (and that’s saying something considering how amicable our northern neighbors are generally speaking) is Halifax, Canada. It’s also beautiful, rich in history and into its gay and lesbian culture. To wit, they are unspooling their first annual OUTeast Queer Film Festival this weekend (through June 17). And theyContinue reading “Halifax, Nova Scotia: Atlantic Canada’s Gay Heart Celebrates Milestone”