The Great, Wondrous Festival of Edinburgh is Nigh

The larger-than-life,one-of-a-kind, international theater festival of Edinburgh begins tomorrow, and gays (and a few straight people…) will descend upon the city for one of the world’s truly special festivals. For three weeks, the best of the best from the theater world will put of free shows around the medieval city, celebrating art and culture — groups from NewContinue reading “The Great, Wondrous Festival of Edinburgh is Nigh”

#DDTI: Edinburgh at night

Edinburgh at night may be one of the world’s most magical places; second only to Edinburgh during the day. Thiscity in Scotland is a treasure – home to Scotch, golf, and boys in kilts – and we’ll be rolling out our insider guide in our next issue. Come August, the international festival, the largest theater festivalContinue reading “#DDTI: Edinburgh at night”