Get Naked (and Gay!) in the South of France

Picture and words by ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Phil Rake reporting from the South of France. Thinking about your next holiday? If you are fond nature or naturism, then you’ve just found a great escape… Just beyond the medieval village of Montclus (in the south of France) lies the Lotus Tree, a fab gay, clothing-optional guesthouse. Nestled on a hillsideContinue reading “Get Naked (and Gay!) in the South of France”

Photos of the Day: The French Riviera

The  splendour of the French Riviera is truly something to behold, especially in summer: verdant hillsides dotted with colorful mansions, shining bays punctuated with super yachts, and sun-dappled beaches lined with lounge-chairs, umbrellas and tanned bodies. Whenever you go, the French Riviera is always worth a visit, with much to see and do, even in the colder months. However, if you are seeking the sun,Continue reading “Photos of the Day: The French Riviera”

Happy Bastille Day 2015! Travel to Gay Paris

July 14 is Bastille Day 2015, a time of parades and parties in Gay Paris and elsewhere in France in many Francophone countries.  This tricolor contrail represents the national colors of France and comes courtesy of ManAboutWorld correspondent Sebastian White. Download ManAboutWorld for the iPad or Android tablet and receive our free Greek Travel Guide. The iPhone andContinue reading “Happy Bastille Day 2015! Travel to Gay Paris”