Parting Shots: Nepal

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Scott Holman recently returned from Nepal, and we selected his journey to feature as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s his expanded story, and more of his photos. 1. Why did you go? My spouse and I both independently had always wanted to see the Himalayas in person. Together, we wanted to doContinue reading “Parting Shots: Nepal”

Our Favorite Parting Shots: Scott Holman’s Nepal

In each issue we share our favorite photos from ManAboutWorld’s peripatetic Global Correspondents. We occasionally highlight some of those here. Today we explore Kathmandu, Nepal brought to us by Scott Holman. In his words: One of my favorite shots from this trip. Kathmandu is all developing-nation chaos but it has these beautiful, colorful juxtapositions such as thisContinue reading “Our Favorite Parting Shots: Scott Holman’s Nepal”