American Airlines Reveals Sleek New A321T

San Francisco-based ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Paul Teixeira was invited on a preview tour of the new Airbus 321 Trans Continental aircraft at San Francisco’s SFO airport. His report: American Airlines revealed their new Airbus 321 Transcontinental (A321T) aircraft and simultaneously we realized all the good American has been up to during their massive re-branding andContinue reading “American Airlines Reveals Sleek New A321T”

Around The World With Paul and Jose: Packing For 87 Days

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Paul Teixeira is preparing for a fabulous global adventure. He agreed to document his trip here with highlights from many destinations around the world. In his own words: The time has come and we are all packed for our 87 day journey. You are probably wondering how one packs for something like thisContinue reading “Around The World With Paul and Jose: Packing For 87 Days”