Top 7 Ways to Leverage the Marriott/Starwood Loyalty Program Merger

From ManAboutWorld. When the Marriott/Starwood merger closed last Friday, the frequent traveler world was surprised with a same-day linkage of the two loyalty programs, immediate reciprocal elite memberships, and the ability to shift points between the two programs freely, at a 1 Starpoint = 3 Marriott Rewards point ratio. Starwood Gold Elite members (who onlyContinue reading “Top 7 Ways to Leverage the Marriott/Starwood Loyalty Program Merger”

Starwood Announces New Hotel Brand: Tribute Portfolio 

   Starwood Hotels launched Tribute Portfolio Hotels and Resorts today in New York. CEO Adam Aron (above) described the brand as catering to the upper upscale with the tag line “stay independent.” The first hotel is the Royal Palm in Miami Beach. More on the way.   More pictures from the event follow.