A Different Kind of Halloween Mask

The Zen-like Treatment Hall at the Spa at Encore

Originally published in dot429

I admit it. I totally forgot about this week’s dot429 assignment.

The theme is “masks” for obvious reasons with October 31 just around the corner, but having already written about my three favorite gay-popular Halloween celebrations, I wanted to focus on a different travel experience.

At a loss, I decided to get a manicure/pedicure at the Spa at the Encore Hotel on Las Vegas Blvd (“the strip”) in Sin City, where I’m speaking at the 11th Annual Conference on Gay Travel Tourism hosted by Community Marketing. The spa, pictured above, is an oasis of tranquility in the busy hubbub of Vegas.

While I was sitting there, the therapists, towards the end of the treatments, simultaneously told me they were applying masks to my hands and feet. Eureka! That got me to thinking about the benefits of spa treatments, including masks for the hands, feet, face, whatever. They really can transport you outside your head-space. When budget allows, I always treat myself to a spa treatment of some sort when traveling.

I’m a mere dilettante with respect to spa treatments, so I asked my colleague, friend, and grooming aficionado Mark Thompson, the style and travel editor at Edge Publications for his suggestions for three great masks.

For autumn skin care

  • Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the grandmother of all facial masks, the Borghese Fango Mask, with a  very satisfying mud mask experience.

Face it, summer’s over

Sexy summer skin

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