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Travelers to New York have three ticket book options: CityPASS, Smart Destinations, and New York Pass. The basic differences between the three passes probably boil down to cost, included attractions and validity periods.

  • Smart Destinations Explorer Pass – $109.99 for 5 attractions | $144.99 for 7 attractions = 30 days
  • New York Pass – $165 = 7 days
  • CityPASS – $79 = 9 days

The best pass for you will depend on a number of factors (budget, length of visit, if you’ve been to NYC before, how much time you have to spend, etc.) But in terms of pricing, the least expensive is CityPASS.

Examining all three passes, we found that the other passes offer more choices. However, the visitor — especially one who isn’t familiar with all of the choices — then has to do her/his own research to decide which attractions to visit and/or how many attractions to see may be better off with CityPASS.

With New York CityPASS, it’s one decision (to buy the pass), one purchase, and off you go to the included attractions. Also, CityPASS only includes a city’s top attractions based on actual visitation/foot traffic. So, for example, if you’re an international traveler who may only get one chance to visit New York, you know that by using CityPASS, you’ll see the quintessential New York attractions that most first-time visitors don’t want to miss — and you’ll have everything on one easy-to-use pass.  In terms of choices, the other passes have more; in terms of simplicity, CityPASS is the one.

Whichever pass you purchase, be sure to check out our Out Guide to New York by clicking here.

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