Tour of the Week: China with Hermes Tours

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China took center stage during the Summer 2008 Olympics. And now it’s time for its encore, starring you and your Hermes small group. What’s on the playbill? How about an ancient wall 4,000 miles long? A city once forbidden to visitors? Or how about 8,000 stone warriors watching over an emperor and serene gardens whose tenders seek nothing less than metaphysical perfection.  The tour takes place April 9 – 18, 2011 and costs $2695 USD per person.

Kristina, our friend at Hermes Tours has a deal for you: “I can also offer a special discount for your readers. Save $100 off the price of the main tour or $150 off the main + Hong Kong extension. Offer valid until Jan 28, 2011.  Use code: OTCHJA28.”

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