Tour of the Week: China with Venture Out

Some of you might have visited China’s classic destinations in the 1980s when the sheer majesty and newness (to foreigners) of this once-isolated giant were enthralling. T hat newness just keeps on getting newer: China is perhaps the fastest-changing country in the world. Even if you went when it first opened up to tourism, chancesContinue reading “Tour of the Week: China with Venture Out”

Tour of the Week: China with Hermes Tours

Originally published in China took center stage during the Summer 2008 Olympics. And now it’s time for its encore, starring you and your Hermes small group. What’s on the playbill? How about an ancient wall 4,000 miles long? A city once forbidden to visitors? Or how about 8,000 stone warriors watching over an emperorContinue reading “Tour of the Week: China with Hermes Tours”