Tour of the Week: China with Venture Out

Cormorant Some of you might have visited China’s classic destinations in the 1980s when the sheer majesty and newness (to foreigners) of this once-isolated giant were enthralling. T

hat newness just keeps on getting newer: China is perhaps the fastest-changing country in the world.

Even if you went when it first opened up to tourism, chances are a return visit here will be just as eye-popping. LGBT tour operator Venture Out’s Journey through China — which uses upscale accommodations throughout the program — begins with sojourns to the signature monuments of Beijing…

The awesome Great Wall, the history-saturated Forbidden City, and the stunning catapulting modern city itself.You head then to the traditional starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an, where you’ll dally with the haunting Terracotta Warriors.  Then fly south to Guangxi Province for a lovely float on the Li River, meandering beneath the region’s delicately monumental karsts, some of the most astonishing scenery  on earth. Then it’s up to Longji for hikes among  the stunning Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces, an extraordinary example of extreme rice terracing and very visually captivating. You have the option to finish up with a few days’ extension in the  beehive megalopolis of Shanghai before returning home or wherever your travels take you.

  • Journey Through China
  • October 12-21, 2011 (main tour)
  • October 21-24, 2011 (Shanghai extension)

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