Gay Travel Tips: Back to Basics

The A-Team

Flights. Check.

Hotels. Check.

Car service to airport. Check.

Remove back hair. Huh?

When planning for a summer trip, it’s important to start making arrangements well in advance, especially for warm-weather getaways at peak season, to obtain the best possible options for your budget and to save money. For any trip, there are loads of details big and small to arrange.

In the frenzy of planning and executing a trip  — weather to Provincetown, Fire Island, Ibiza or Mykonos — there are a few not-so-obvious preparations many man have to think about (but often forget). We’re talking about you, the big muscular fellow with the hairy back. Unless you’re heading to a bear commune or a straight cruise, you’ll want to consider getting rid of the fur on your back. You can’t see it but everyone else can.

One errand to include prior to your trip is a visit to your favorite men’s day spa. Here in the Big Apple, I like Face to Face NYC, managed by the friendly and professional Enrique Ramirez. The vibe is much more masculine than frilly, and the clientele skews towards men, so a guy (or a guy’s guy) will feel more comfortable than at many of the more feminine-oriented spas in town. Be sure to book an appointment at least a few days before any sun exposure to protect sensitive skin.

A nice touch: while waiting for your appointment, you can enjoy a complimentary soft drink or glass of wine. The treatments take place in private, quiet rooms. Back waxing is done with the minimum of pain (the glass of wine helps!) and the maximum of post-hair removal TLC to reduce the chances of inflammation and discomfort.

That’s Enrique in the black t-shirt above but his entire staff is professional, courteous and proficient. A back waxing starts at $55 and goes up from there depending on whether you also treat shoulders, upper arms, etc. Check out their rates here.



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2 thoughts on “Gay Travel Tips: Back to Basics

  1. LOL. This is so funny. All of these are a must for visiting the city, as well as, City Maps. You can book your hotel, dinner reservations, show reservations, find shopping… anything you need on this virtual website. And yes please,,, they aren’t kidding about the back hair!


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