Harlem Oktoberfest: Discover an Up-and-coming NYC Neighborhood

Take the A train

Ask most Chelsea gay men to come visit Harlem and you’ll get a look as if you asked them to make the trek to Kyrgyzstan on a prop plane. It’s not that far, people. In fact you can zip from the northernmost edge of gay-centric Hell’s Kitchen to the heart of Harlem in exactly one subway stop (via the A or D express trains from Columbus Circle).

There is a lot going on in West Harlem. In the culinary scene alone you can experience dozens of new eateries, wine bars, burger joints and fine-dining establishments that weren’t there one, two and certainly five years ago. Many of these new spots are clustered along 8th Ave from around 112th St to about 125th St.

The Harlem Oktoberfest Bar & Restaurant Crawl is an event tailor-made to introduce visitors and locals alike to the distinct and savory charms of Harlem. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 from 6pm to 10pm. Tickets for exclusive food and drink discounts are $20 at the door and two-for-one in advance.

The crawl features such new and noteworthy restaurants as Nectar Wine Bar, Cedric, Lido, Harlem Tavern, 67 Orange, Zoma Restaurant and 5 & Diamond.

For more information visit their Facebook page: Facebook.com/ExperienceHarlem.

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