Sweet, Baby: Lesbian Cruises & Tours Galore in 2012

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Our gal pals at Sweet, a lesbian travel company creating fun land and sea vacations for gay women and their friends, have rolled out their 2012 vacation calendar. Kicking off February 17 with a three-day “Short & Sweet Bahamas Cruise” followed by a cruise to Alaska in May (see those glaciers before they melt!), a Mediterranean cruise in July, a rafting expedition later that month and finally a September resort vacation and a Caribbean cruise in November.  See the full line up here. (See previous coverage of this company, “Making Waves with Sweet,” here.)

Unique mission:

  • One of the dirty secrets of travels is that to a large degree even the most eco-conscious travelers may not realize just how dirty their travel-related carbon footprint is. (Hint: Jet travel ain’t very green.) It’s good to know some travel companies are consciously trying to offset these effects.
  • Click here to learn more about the Sweet’s mission which includes travel with social and environmental awareness.

It’s never too early to book your winter vacation, particularly cruises. Many of the best cabins on cruises  book up fast, for example, and you’ll want to monitor your favorite online travel search engines for good airfares. (I like Kayak.com which can be easily programmed to send alerts regarding best air fares to your chosen destinations.)

A freak Halloween snowstorm rattled the Northeast, reminding lesbian and gay travelers how cold, windy, dark and just dreary winters in these parts can be. Simply planning a warm-weather getaway can help get you through that.

Other resources for LGBT travelers seeking a nice warm-weather getaway include  Olivia (also for women), Atlantis Events (mostly for men), and RSVP (owned by Atlantis and also mostly for men). I’ve also started writing for an online vacation discounter called OffTo. They offer packages (accommodations, services and attractions but do not as of yet include air). Check it out here.

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