World’s First Travel Discount Website For Gay Travelers

Picture yourself on this Cancun beach. Ahhhh is the first website that offers deals on customized getaways specifically for LGBT travelers. The travel experts behind OffTo bundle accommodations with activities tailored to the interest of lesbian and gay travelers. Best of all they negotiate the best possible prices, which translates into savings of 40%, 50% or more below retail.

The most important vacation decision a lesbian or gay traveler can make is where to stay. One homophobic raised eyebrow at the pool or comment from an insensitive check-in clerk that “there must be some mistake here: there is only one bed on this reservation, Mr. Jones” can ruin a trip.

So all of OffTo’s partners – accommodations, venues, activities, cultural attractions, etc. — are required to meet industry standards of LGBT-friendliness, sensitivity and community support. Click here to learn more about OffTo’s commitment to LGBT travelers.

OffTo’s chief communications officer, Brian Goldthorpe says that the site will offer deals all over the world, and that getaways “include 24-hour escapes, multi-week vacations and everything in-between. We work with accommodations of all sizes and styles,” Goldthorpe continues “and the activities and diversions in our packages correspond to specific LGBT leisure interests, including outdoor excursions, city history tours, arts and culture, spa services, dining, LGBT events, live entertainment, nightlife and more.”

There are currently five deals included in the site, with more being added regularly. Current savings range from 47% off retail (for a five-night Disney getaway for only $425 — a savings of $370 off retail) to a whopping 81% off for a four-night Cancun beach escape for only $159.  That’s $680 less than the retail price. That’s a lot more margaritas you can enjoy!

I heard about this terrific new site through colleagues in the industry. Later OffTo asked me to write up some of their getaways since I’ve visited so many of them. Check out these two getaways in Atlantic City, New Jersey that I wrote. For a quick gaming/hotel resort fix, AC is a New Yorker’s very own east coast Vegas!

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Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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