Gay Atlantic City: Sand Blast Weekend Blasts Off

If you’re on the East Coast of the U.S. this weekend, head to the Jersey Shore for a very gay Atlantic City experience: Sand Blast Weekend 2015.

Correspondent Update: Movie Star Kelly Graces Doylestown, Pennsylvania

By Jerry Bartell A celluloid dream sequence awaits at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pa. Glide by beautifully costumed women at its “Grace Kelly – Beyond the Icon” exhibit. All of them are Grace Kelly. In her wedding dress from “High Society.” In hunting attire from “Mogambo.” In Diors, Chanels and Balanciagas worn off set. SheContinue reading “Correspondent Update: Movie Star Kelly Graces Doylestown, Pennsylvania”

World’s First Travel Discount Website For Gay Travelers is the first website that offers deals on customized getaways specifically for LGBT travelers. The travel experts behind OffTo bundle accommodations with activities tailored to the interest of lesbian and gay travelers. Best of all they negotiate the best possible prices, which translates into savings of 40%, 50% or more below retail. The mostContinue reading “World’s First Travel Discount Website For Gay Travelers”

Prohibition: Atlantic City Gets Its First Gay Nightclub

Atlantic City, N.J, just got a little more cool (and gayer). Casinos and resorts have, in recent years, flirted heavily with the LGBT community, luring gay travelers from New York, Philadelphia and other regional capitals with entertainment, shows, and “one off” gay nights. But for the first time in the 33-year history of legalized gambling,Continue reading “Prohibition: Atlantic City Gets Its First Gay Nightclub”

Deal of the Week: Atlantic City is Coming up Aces

Originally published in Atlantic City, New Jersey — the east coast’s very own mini-Las Vegas. Isn’t all that far as the crow flies. But it was never really super easy to reach via public transportation. That’s all changed since the ACES (Atlantic City Experss Train Service) Train introduced direct service from New York toContinue reading “Deal of the Week: Atlantic City is Coming up Aces”