Correspondent Update: Movie Star Kelly Graces Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Kelly and her prince
Kelly and her prince

By Jerry Bartell

A celluloid dream sequence awaits at the

Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pa. Glide by beautifully costumed women at its “Grace Kelly – Beyond the Icon” exhibit. All of them are Grace Kelly. In her wedding dress from “High Society.” In hunting attire from “Mogambo.” In Diors, Chanels and Balanciagas worn off set. She charmed directors, as their displayed notes to her attest. The camera adored her, as scores of photos reveal. (Through 1/26/14.)

Kelly began acting at the Bucks County Playhouse, in nearby New Hope, as another Michener exhibit, “Local Mill Makes Good,” shows. “If you were at Bucks County,” says Angela Lansbury in a short documentary on view, “you were doing just fine.” Photos, programs and posters show Kitty Carlisle Hart, Tyne Daly, Robert Redford and many others doing just fine.  (Through 3/2/2014.)

If your visit to the Michener Museum is part of a weekend in Bucks County, consider an entirely salubrious stay at the Inn at Bowman’s Hill. The suites at this  B&B include baths with whirlpool tubs and multi-jet shower/steam rooms and handsomely designed bedrooms with featherbeds and antique furnishings. The bounteous breakfast features full English breakfasts and specials like a souffle omelet with your choice of fillings. For elegant comfort food dinners (great meat loaf, pork chops, burgers), stop in down the road at Bowman’s Tavern.

Click here to download the indispensable gay guide to New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Click “Read More” for more photos of the lovely Miss Kelly.


Wedding dress designed by Helen Rose
Wedding dress designed by Helen Rose


Photo credits:

·         Photo  of Grace Kelly poolside: Photo Credit: Natialie Wi.

·         Photo of Grace in her wedding gown –Caption: Portrait of Princess Grace in her wedding dress, in the Gallery of Hercules in the Princely Palace of Monaco, April 19, 1956. The wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose. © Photo Credit: Archives of the Princely Palace of Monaco – F. Detaille.



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