Cheers to London’s New Detective Agency-cum-New-Fangled Speakeasy


By Tanya Scholl

Looking for a drink in a cool place or do you have a case you need solving? With no Sherlock Holmes to help you, there’s a new spot in London to have a cocktail while solving case. Submit a reservation request to Evans & Peel Detective Agency on 310c Earls Court Road in London, and commence your inquiry.

Whether for a date for two or for a group of friends, a reservation has to be made online to guarantee your reservation. A hostess will allow you in, and as you head downstairs; you are then greeted in what could have been Watson’s office to state your case.   Upon being heard, you then can ponder on the feedback, and more importantly, have a drink.

As you enter through the bookshelf, the air of mystery turns into one reminiscent of the Prohibition era:  you are underground, 1920s and 30s music plays, voices are soft, and lights dim.  Unique touches include the communal table with cinema style seats in the back room and the Dewey Decimal system behind the bar.  Service is attentive and cocktail choices cite unique liquors:  order the First Date, an inexplicable combination of spice and flavor that could supplement a meal, or the Dark Bitter Stormy, a refreshing twist on the well known Dark and Stormy.  For food, stick to the Goats Cheese Fritter and the Wedges.  Sliders take a pass, or perhaps make a “case” that if the bar is following the American version, more than one slider should be on each plate.

Close out your evening with a G-Minus, a Gin and Tonic that literally almost subtracts your thoughts from your mind.  If your case is still open after that, maybe it’s time to schedule another appointment with the Agency?

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