Plan Your Own (Brief) Residency at Buckingham Palace

Elizabeth, the UK’s beloved queen, returned to Buckingham Palace last month as the longest-reigning British monarch. Every August and September, royalty fans worldwide have a unique opportunity to tour the grand public rooms of Buckingham Palace. Soven if you are not invited to one of the queen’s elegant garden parties, you can certainly spend a weekend in London andContinue reading “Plan Your Own (Brief) Residency at Buckingham Palace”

DDTI: Old Brompton Cemetery, Early Morning Hint of Spring

I visited London and took this photo at the Brompton Cemetery where a colorful hint of spring adorns the resting place of many notables from the mid 19th century and later. DDTI: Your daily dose of travel inspiration. According to the Royal Parks website: Brompton Cemetery is one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries. It combinesContinue reading “DDTI: Old Brompton Cemetery, Early Morning Hint of Spring”

ManAboutWorld’s 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015

We look toward this New Year with new ambitions and new journeys that beckon us. Fifteen of them, actually on our annual list: The 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015.  The places themselves aren’t gay (one of them still criminalizes homosexuality!) but if you are, this is the ultimate guide to the important, interesting and surprisingContinue reading “ManAboutWorld’s 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015”

Where We Eat: A Small, Warm Italian Eatery in East London

On a warm corner of Rivington Street in Shoreditch exists this quaint little Italian eatery called Prelibato Bottega. It’s a small brick interior of just a handful of tables, handmade pastas, and great wine; it is one of London’s best surprises and one we’ve unearthed after many years of traveling across the pond. We coveredContinue reading “Where We Eat: A Small, Warm Italian Eatery in East London”

Where We Sleep: Stumbling Upon London’s Coolest Hotel

This is 40 Winks, a non-conventional hotel (if you can even call it that…) in hip East London that has none of the homogeneity of amenities of a normal accommodation, and all of the wildcard style that makes it on of our favorite hidden gems. The hotel is just two rooms (and one large, shared bathroom) ofContinue reading “Where We Sleep: Stumbling Upon London’s Coolest Hotel”

Europe’s Top Gay Travel Destinations

This article samples one originally published in Iberia Airline’s blog Love2Fly. To read the rest of this article, click here or the link below. When it comes to LGBT travel, few experiences are as rewarding as travel to Europe. There’s such an amazing variety of cultures, environments, climates, and experiences – all on the most liberal continent on the planet,Continue reading “Europe’s Top Gay Travel Destinations”

Correspondent Update: London Food Tour with Eating London

Our peripatetic Global Correspondent Adam Groffman recently visited London, which was our big cover feature in our July/August issue (on Apple’s newsstand now!) Here’s his report on a delicious food tour. This weekend I joined a food tour in London with Eating London. The 3.5 hour walking tour through London’s East End visited 10 different tasting spots. Starting in Old SpitalfieldsContinue reading “Correspondent Update: London Food Tour with Eating London”

ManAboutWorld’s July/August Issue Ready For Download!

ManAboutWorld’s latest issue is ready for download! Open your iPad, tap on ManAboutWorld, go to Library, download and enjoy. Or click here to subscribe and get two months free! This is the very cool cover featuring London. Before hopping across the pond, dive into this issue chock full of insider trip-planning information that will saveContinue reading “ManAboutWorld’s July/August Issue Ready For Download!”