Correspondent Update: London Food Tour with Eating London

Photo by Adam Groffman
Photo by Adam Groffman

Our peripatetic Global Correspondent Adam Groffman recently visited London, which was our big cover feature in our July/August issue (on Apple’s newsstand now!) Here’s his report on a delicious food tour.

This weekend I joined a food tour in London with Eating London. The 3.5 hour walking tour through London’s East End visited 10 different tasting spots. Starting in Old Spitalfields Market and staying with a few blocks radius of the market & Shoreditch station, we sampled everything from a bacon sandwich (at St. John Bread & Wine) to banana bread pudding (at The English Restaurant)—plus other English food staples such as fish & chips (at Poppies) and an East End classic: a salted beef bagel sandwich at The Beigel Bake.

Our guide, Nicole, was enthusiastic and hyper-knowledgeable about the neighborhood. It was clear that she was passionate about the London borough and personally knew many if not most of the shop owners. What made the food tour extra enjoyable was Nicole’s first-hand knowledge of not just the East End restaurants, but the East End’s history. Food stops on the tour were interspersed with discussions about the various ethnicities and immigration groups of the area, as well as graffiti highlights and historical markets. The tour costs £59 and was enough food to fill us up for both breakfast & lunch!

Tour details: East End Food Tour

Cost: £59

Daily at 10am except Sundays

Photo by Adam Groffman

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