Bottoms Up! Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma is Coming Soon 🍷🏳️‍🌈

Called “One of the best events of the summer season,” Gay Wine Weekend takes over Sonoma Valley from July 18-21 for a 3+ day celebration of food and wine in Northern California’s Sonoma Valley! Tell me more about Gay Wine Weekend! Celebrate with world class wine and culinary delights, music and dancing in a private estate vineyard, VIP receptions,Continue reading “Bottoms Up! Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma is Coming Soon 🍷🏳️‍🌈”

NomadicBoys Try Their First Vegan Restaurant

Our wandering and adventurous travel bloggers Sébestien and Stephan (aka the NomadicBoys) journeyed around Asia, including a stop in Ubud where they lost their vegan virginity:

UPDATE: June 2 Marked the First-ever #gaywine Twitter Chat

UPDATE: The first-ever #gaywine Twitter chat was a bubbly, aromatic and balanced success! Whether you joined or missed it, check out the stream of Tweets here, where we hope you may learn a little more about the wide world of wines! June 2: Set your watches (or an alarm app!). Today’s the day that ManAboutWorld,  Out inContinue reading “UPDATE: June 2 Marked the First-ever #gaywine Twitter Chat”

Checking Out Hong Kong’s Privates

Our friend and author Amy Tan recently visited Hong Kong and shared with us her experience dining in private kitchens. Private kitchens, she says, doesn’t mean you’re dining in a private first-class establishment. You do not need to be famous and incognito. But it does mean the kitchens can have memberships (but not always) and have avoidedContinue reading “Checking Out Hong Kong’s Privates”

Where We Eat: A Small, Warm Italian Eatery in East London

On a warm corner of Rivington Street in Shoreditch exists this quaint little Italian eatery called Prelibato Bottega. It’s a small brick interior of just a handful of tables, handmade pastas, and great wine; it is one of London’s best surprises and one we’ve unearthed after many years of traveling across the pond. We coveredContinue reading “Where We Eat: A Small, Warm Italian Eatery in East London”

Where We Eat: A New Favorite In LA

We’ve been dining around LA as of late and returned recently to one of the city’s best – AOC Wine Bar. Helmed by Suzanne Goin (who also runs the beloved Lucques on Melrose and Tavern out in Brentwood) this is the quintessential Los Angeles restaurant – ivy-laced mediterranean exterior, produce-rich California cuisine, cute bartenders. and anContinue reading “Where We Eat: A New Favorite In LA”

Out In The Vineyard Gays Up Wine Tasting Weekend

For five years Out in the Vineyard‘s “three days of gay” is developing into quite the homo version of wine country’s traditional barrel tasting weekends, wine roads and Napa Valley Auction all rolled into one — but with better music and cruising. In the words of the event co-founder and ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent, Mark Vogler: NoneContinue reading “Out In The Vineyard Gays Up Wine Tasting Weekend”