Gay Pride Is Busting Out All Over

Gay Pride is simply bursting around the world as you can see in these photos: Rainbow-wrapped double-decker bus in London (above)  Our very own publisher Billy Kolber on a rainbow bedecked Citi Bike (below top) A gay crosswalk in West Hollywood (below middle) The London Eye bathed in gay lights  (bottom) And just imagine howContinue reading “Gay Pride Is Busting Out All Over”

Departing Shots: Killer Photos Of Cemeteries

Cemeteries are the subject of the Parting Shots section of this month’s issue of the magazine. Here are a few of our favorite shots. Story and photos by Jeffrey James Keyes   Why do you check out cemeteries when you travel? I think some of the most incredible artwork can be found in cemeteries, I love seeing how some areContinue reading “Departing Shots: Killer Photos Of Cemeteries”

Now Available: Our April Issue AND Our iPhone Version

We are beyond excited to announce that ManAboutWorld is now available for the iPhone! Go to the App Store on your iPhone and download it now. If you already subscribe to the magazine, you’ll see our brand new April issue there. Whether or not you subscribe, you’ll find the FREE ManAboutWorld Guide to West Hollywood whichContinue reading “Now Available: Our April Issue AND Our iPhone Version”

ManAboutWorld Launches (Free!) West Hollywood Travel Guide

Here’s the besuited ManAboutWorld team (Ed, Kenny, and Billy) at the Andaz West Hollywood at the beginning of the launch party for our new guide to WeHo. If you’re currently a subscriber just tap on issues in the app and voila! You can download and read the guide for free. If you are not aContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Launches (Free!) West Hollywood Travel Guide”

Where We Eat: A New Favorite In LA

We’ve been dining around LA as of late and returned recently to one of the city’s best – AOC Wine Bar. Helmed by Suzanne Goin (who also runs the beloved Lucques on Melrose and Tavern out in Brentwood) this is the quintessential Los Angeles restaurant – ivy-laced mediterranean exterior, produce-rich California cuisine, cute bartenders. and anContinue reading “Where We Eat: A New Favorite In LA”

Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent Andy Keown

Andy  is a tourism PR professional and frequent business traveler. In his job as communications director for Visit West Hollywood, he seeks to make connections with media and travelers around the world. He frequently visits New  York, Sydney and London, and loves seeking out up-and-coming neighborhoods and getting a feel for how people live. He’s anContinue reading “Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent Andy Keown”

Los Angeles: Mid-Summer Pride Fetish Ball

We love the new and ever-improving downtown L.A. area. What used to be a gritty, scary, urban wasteland is now transforming into a fabulous, must-go destination in its own right. And what to the folks at, creators of Unusual Earth Events, do? They decide to turn part of it back into a gritty, scary, eventContinue reading “Los Angeles: Mid-Summer Pride Fetish Ball”

A Super Halloween Costume Carnaval in West Hollywood, CA

West Hollywood, CA boasts one of the best and biggest Halloween celebrations and parades. Although it’s become increasingly popular with spectators versus participants over the past few years, it really is still a fun largely gay party. It’s called the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval and it attracts about 500,000 people. Purists, the organizers alwaysContinue reading “A Super Halloween Costume Carnaval in West Hollywood, CA”

Halloween: A Gay High Holiday

Originally published in There’s nothing like a pagan holiday to get the LGBT community all excited! Halloween — with roots in a Celtic harvest festival — has distinct appeal for queer people. It’s primarily an adult holiday in urban settings. We can express our inner crazy, and society sanctions it. There is no seeingContinue reading “Halloween: A Gay High Holiday”

The Chamberlain Hotel West Hollywood

Originally published in During a recent trip to West Hollywood — WeHo to friends — I made a few discoveries. First, the city is only 1.9 square miles. Also, it’s probably the gayest city on the planet, considering it was founded over 25 years ago by a group of gay men who essentially wantedContinue reading “The Chamberlain Hotel West Hollywood”