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We debut our new series today where we’ll ask our reader’s: What venue would you like to reincarnate?

We asked our peripatetic correspondents and here’s what they had to say.

Correspondent Scott Marquardt said Barbetta / Zone 9 in Hanoi, Vietnam:“The area of abandoned factories was converted into a super hip collection of bars, cafés, playhouses and theaters. Sadly the communist government shut the area down in December 2013 after a fire broke out that killed six people.

For Correspondent Matt Link it was Heaven in London, “One of the first mega-clubs I went to when I was 19 and studying at Oxford,” he said. “Located under the railway arches below Charing Cross station, the place literally felt underground — you can just imagine Londoners safely partying away as World War II bombs explode up above.

Leyla Farah, or (Wo)ManAboutWorld Correspondent it was San Francisco’s legendary weekly Club Universe in the 90′s.”I have vague memories one New Year’s Eve that included elephants, trapeze artists, Vegas showgirls (of all genders) and indoor fireworks. Oh, and Grace Jones. All in one night. That, my hipster friends, was how the gays threw a party before skinny jeans, kale and craft beer. I’m just saying.’

This wistful look back stirs up memories (some rather blurry!) of great dancing, amazing music and happy, interesting queer friends in long-gone gay hangouts the world over.

Tell us in the comments which venue you’d reincarnate? 

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