The Travel Dilemma: Slum Tourism

Dharavi cricket photo as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine
Dharavi cricket photo

In this month’s issue, we launch Travel Dilemma, a new occasional column presenting a controversial travel topic for consideration and discussion. This month our writer Paul VanDeCarr went on a walking tour of a Mumbai slum. What he found blew away our images of these poor areas (which for instance generate over $650 million in economic activity).

Before we assigned and published this story though we discussed whether the pros such as learning the stories of a marginalized community outweighed the cons including privileged Westerners seeming to exploit a developing society. We found his column enlightening and informative, giving us a newfound respect for a part of the city which we would have previously ignored or pitied.

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  • Exploitative? Enlightening? Empowering? Immoral? Discuss! We’d love to know what you think. Join the discussion via the comments below or on Facebook.
  • Read more about slum tourism.

Photo credit: Dharavi cricket photo by Andreas Grosse-Halbuer

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