The Travel Dilemma: Slum Tourism

In this month’s issue, we launch Travel Dilemma, a new occasional column presenting a controversial travel topic for consideration and discussion. This month our writer Paul VanDeCarr went on a walking tour of a Mumbai slum. What he found blew away our images of these poor areas (which for instance generate over $650 million in economic activity). Before we assigned andContinue reading “The Travel Dilemma: Slum Tourism”

First-Ever Gay Ski Trip Planned for India in February 2012

Billing it as the first Asian gay ski trip ever, Go Pink invite lesbian and gay skiers of any level of proficiency to ski in the Himalayas. The group (up to 30 skiers) will also get a sample of the emerging gay life in Delhi as well as a visit to the famous Taj MajhalContinue reading “First-Ever Gay Ski Trip Planned for India in February 2012”