Miami and Gay Ski Events in ManAboutWorld’s November Issue

Where nature fails, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine delivers though with our insider-y guide to Miami, an easily accessed, LGBT-popular destination that’s undergoing an exciting evolution.

New ZealandGay Ski Week: Start Planning for Next Year

The largest gay ski event in the southern half of the world sees hundreds of people flock to Queenstown, NZ during the last part of August and early September, every year, for a full week of skiing, drinking, dancing and adventure. The next official DNA Gay Ski Week will happen August 27 to September 3,Continue reading “New ZealandGay Ski Week: Start Planning for Next Year”

Gay Ski in Queenstown, New Zealand

This pas weekend Gay and Lesbian Winter Pride (gay ski!) in Queenstown, New Zealand; you know, the other “down under.” It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere so those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can cool down a bit from this late August heat simply by looking at these photos. The event runs through September 5. Gay ski weeks canContinue reading “Gay Ski in Queenstown, New Zealand”

In 2013, Ski Japan’s (Gay) St. Mortiz

For the first time as far as we know, a gay ski trip is planned to Japan. In late February 2013, when conditions are considered to be optimal, the friendly, expert folks at SKI BUMS is leading a trip to Niseko, Japan, boasting “snowflakes large enough to cast shadows. They’re planning a six nights in Niseko andContinue reading “In 2013, Ski Japan’s (Gay) St. Mortiz”

Atten-SHUN! Military Personnel: Free at Telluride Gay Ski Week

The organizers of Telluride Gay Ski Week, which takes place from Saturday, February 25, 2012 through Saturday, March 3, 2012, is offering free VIP party passes for the week for active service members and a special military-themed “Do Ask Do Tell” dance party. In celebration of the defeat of the discriminatory ban on openly gay and lesbianContinue reading “Atten-SHUN! Military Personnel: Free at Telluride Gay Ski Week”

Gay Ski: Double Diamonds Are a Boy’s Best Friend

  Elevation Mammoth 2012, March 14-18, celebrates its 10th anniversary as an LGBT ski event, while sister event, Elevation Utah Park City Gay Ski Week, February 23-26, marks its second anniversary. The names may be a mouthful but the events have received enthusiastic praise from attendees throughout the years. Click on the websites above for moreContinue reading “Gay Ski: Double Diamonds Are a Boy’s Best Friend”

But Why Is There a Shirtless Guy in a Post about Skiing?

Because it’s a gay ski week posting, that’s why! Plus who can resist this sexy image of  A-List New York’s Reichen Leimkuhl? Telluride Gay Ski Week, named by as “Top Gay Ski Week” in the U.S.A, includes Leimkuhl and other A-List reality personalities along with abundant snow (they hope and assume) and lots ofContinue reading “But Why Is There a Shirtless Guy in a Post about Skiing?”

Is it All the Lifts? Aspen Gay Ski Week Still Fabulous at 35

The granddaddy of all gay ski weeks is turning 35 in 2012. They are planning a full roster of events, as usual, but also plenty more activities to celebrate this noteworthy milestone. From the organizers: “With the theme, ‘Through the Years,’ this year’s gay ski week will embrace our beginnings thirty-five years ago in 1977,”Continue reading “Is it All the Lifts? Aspen Gay Ski Week Still Fabulous at 35”

First-Ever Gay Ski Trip Planned for India in February 2012

Billing it as the first Asian gay ski trip ever, Go Pink invite lesbian and gay skiers of any level of proficiency to ski in the Himalayas. The group (up to 30 skiers) will also get a sample of the emerging gay life in Delhi as well as a visit to the famous Taj MajhalContinue reading “First-Ever Gay Ski Trip Planned for India in February 2012”

Tour of the Week: Southern Skiing

We’re talking way south! If you’ve ever wished to ski South America, here’s a way to do it gay. The annual Bariloche (Argentina) Gay Ski Week takes place September 10-17, 2011. Details follow. You’ll have to make your way to Bariloche but the group week includes transfers to and from the airport, hotel stay, dinners,Continue reading “Tour of the Week: Southern Skiing”