Run, Don’t Walk, To Tel Aviv Gay Pride

israel 2Update, April 17, 2015: This post was published 2 years ago and updated today. Tel Aviv Pride week kicks off this year June 7, 2015 with the big day on Friday, June 12, 2015. For more information about activities, click here. To plan a trip, visit the website of our correspondent (and inbound tour operator specializing in Israel),

Tel Aviv has come into its own in recent year with a gay scene as large as many similar size cities in North America and, depending on your tastes, with some of the hottest guys in the world. Exhibit A is the irresistibly hot Ori Avrahami, pictured above and below, the muscular cover model for F.O.D’s 2013 Pride issue. L

We sent a writer to Pride and produced our own Tel Aviv guide. Get an all-access subscription or purchase our Tel Aviv issue for a roundup of Pride activities as well as recommendations for where to stay, eat, play/meet and more.

Additionally blessed with a terrific beach, really nice weather, great food and proximity to popular Middle East attractions from religious sites in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea to Petra and more, Tel Aviv is well worth a visit. We love it during Gay Pride when all the boys come out to play from throughout the region. Tel Aviv Gay Pride is Friday June 15 but there are events throughout the week leading up to Pride. And now another look at this hot Israeli model:

Israel 1

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