Drinking For A Good Travel-related Cause! Alturi, EuroPride and GAYography

From our global correspondent Steve Roth who is also a co-founder of Alturi, check out a fun gay party that will also support some worthy causes. The party is co-sponsored by GAYography which is the brainchild of another of our global correspondents, Ashton Giese. On Wednesday, April 22, the fast-growing LGBT travel weekly news-update, GAYography briefContinue reading “Drinking For A Good Travel-related Cause! Alturi, EuroPride and GAYography”

Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent: Steve Roth

Steve Roth has been fascinated by the world around him since he began writing to a pen pal in Sweden in the fourth grade. Since then, he’s lived, worked and studied in Mexico, Spain and Japan, as well as all four mainland U.S. time zones. A graduate of the University of Chicago in Latin AmericanContinue reading “Welcome To Our Newest Correspondent: Steve Roth”