ManAboutWorld’s Free Guide To Ft. Lauderdale Is Live!

  Fort Lauderdale may just be the best gay American city we’ve got, where gays have been welcomed for decades to live, explore, and enjoy a taste of the good life. It’s 38 square miles of sprawling, sun-soaked metropolis and miles of white sand beach, and in the center of it all, one of the greatContinue reading “ManAboutWorld’s Free Guide To Ft. Lauderdale Is Live!”

Cop, Newlywed and Leather Model: Sneak Peak of David Currie Profiled in Next Issue of ManAboutWorld

Aaron Currie (left) and David Currie (who’s also a Crime Scene Detective with the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale), were among the first same-sex couples married in Florida this past January. They’re also newly selected models for LeatherWerks in Ft. Lauderdale. Learn more about David in our next issue of the magazine where he’s profiled.

No More Melting Drag Makeup

St. Pete Pride is going nighty night! No, it’s not going to sleep; quite the opposite, actually. Instead, the city is embracing its young, hip gay ways and will become only the fifth pride event in the country to take place at night. And for anyone who knows the intensity of the mid-summer Florida sun, thatContinue reading “No More Melting Drag Makeup”