ManAboutWorld’s Free Guide To Ft. Lauderdale Is Live!

  Fort Lauderdale may just be the best gay American city we’ve got, where gays have been welcomed for decades to live, explore, and enjoy a taste of the good life. It’s 38 square miles of sprawling, sun-soaked metropolis and miles of white sand beach, and in the center of it all, one of the greatContinue reading “ManAboutWorld’s Free Guide To Ft. Lauderdale Is Live!”


Our publisher Billy Kolber will be participating in the Love Is Love free wedding ceremony of gay and straight couples on the sunny beach of Fort Lauderdale. Update Thursday, Friday 5, 2015 Here’s a photo of 100 gay and straight newlyweds. Congrats to all! Here’s a photo from after the event with hosts Lance Bass andContinue reading “#LoveisLove”

Trans-cendent News Out of Fort Lauderdale

Our correspondent Jeff Guaracino fills us in on some bigs news hitting Fort Lauderdale in 2015: Always ahead of the curve, Ft. Lauderdale announced last week at the 15th annual Community Marketing International Conference on Gay and Lesbian Tourism a groundbreaking transgender travel initiative. For the next three years, the Southern Comfort Transgender Conference willContinue reading “Trans-cendent News Out of Fort Lauderdale”

Hot Guys In New Ft. Lauderdale Commercial

This is groundbreaking but it’s also just plain hot. Check it out here. With this TV ad, Ft. Lauderdale becomes among the first mainstream tourism board to integrate gay messaging in an otherwise mainstream promotion. DiscoverAmerica released this ad earlier this year that featured two gay men on a cable car. But this is aContinue reading “Hot Guys In New Ft. Lauderdale Commercial”

Sunny Ft. Lauderdale Tempts Bears From Winter Hibernation

With Beachbear Weekend scheduled for May 10-14, 2012, Ft. Lauderdale will become a hirsute center of fun for big, friendly, muscle-y guys and their admirers. Already boasting one of the largest populations of muscle bears along the east coast, Ft. Lauderdale will positively bulge with bears, cubs, otters and others waking from their hibernation andContinue reading “Sunny Ft. Lauderdale Tempts Bears From Winter Hibernation”

Deal of the Week: Free Gay Film Festival Party

The Third Annual Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival kicks off Wednesday October 5 with a party open to the community. Nosh on free nibblies and enjoy one free cocktail. Festivities kick off at 6:30pm (till 10pm) at The Atlantic Hotel and Spa Ocean Terrace located at 601 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd inContinue reading “Deal of the Week: Free Gay Film Festival Party”