Gay Cambodia. NomadicBoys. Video. Need We Say More?

This blog post on gay Cambodia was originally published by the peripatetic NomadicBoys on their blog; it’s reproduced in part here. Click here to read the entire blog post on their site. We spent 2 weeks travelling in Cambodia in April 2015 with our friends Jess from the UK and Johan from France. We started in theContinue reading “Gay Cambodia. NomadicBoys. Video. Need We Say More?”

In Siem Reap, Cambodia A Cafe That Serves Cock…Roaches

Our publisher, Billy Kolber, tours Southeast Asia with his husband Marcio and our great correspondent, Mark Vogler. Here’s Marcio in Siem Reap eating a delicious tarantula at Bug’s Cafe. Just one of the many Cambodian delicacies. (For those of you interested in seeing a video of Billy eating a live cock-roach,click here.)