Traveling While Gay with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry

Billy Kolber, co-founder of ManAboutWorld, was Melissa Harris-Perry’s guest on her eponymous show on MSNBC talking about the intersection of “traveling while black” and “traveling while gay.”

ManAboutWorld’s Points Whisperer: Stay Ahead of Changing Mileage Programs

This occasional column is penned by ManAboutWorld publisher and writer Billy Kolber who’s also a very frequent traveler and one of the world’s experts on maximizing miles and other frequent traveler programs. Mileage is no longer a proxy for loyalty. We’re hearing about it from our friends at the airlines, in industry publications and theContinue reading “ManAboutWorld’s Points Whisperer: Stay Ahead of Changing Mileage Programs”

In Siem Reap, Cambodia A Cafe That Serves Cock…Roaches

Our publisher, Billy Kolber, tours Southeast Asia with his husband Marcio and our great correspondent, Mark Vogler. Here’s Marcio in Siem Reap eating a delicious tarantula at Bug’s Cafe. Just one of the many Cambodian delicacies. (For those of you interested in seeing a video of Billy eating a live cock-roach,click here.)

#TBT: Move Over Apollo, Here’s Our Publisher on Delos Island in 2004

Our publisher, Billy Kolber, mimics an ancient Greek statue on the historic island of Delos. So what is Delos? It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Aegean Sea just a few miles from gay-popular Mykonos. It’s also the place where mythology was born, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, known locally as the cradle ofContinue reading “#TBT: Move Over Apollo, Here’s Our Publisher on Delos Island in 2004”

#TBT The Middle East One Year Ago

Amidst all the violence and blame in the middle east right now, this essay by Peter Schwartz in response to Brian Eno captures our sadness at the intractability and inhumanity of the situation. Just last year, ManAboutWorld founder Billy Kolber traveled throughout Petra (above) while associate editor Kenny Porpora made his way through Israel (below.)Continue reading “#TBT The Middle East One Year Ago”

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondents Gather at IGLTA Madrid

Over a dozen ManAboutWorld correspondents attended the IGLTA’s 31st annual Convention, May 8-11. Here are eight of them from left to right, including their specialty, nationality and current city. What a worldly, hard-working, passionate group! Auston Matta: Travel blogger; U.S.; Madrid Nadav Peretz: Gay tours in Israel; Israeli; Tel Aviv DJ Yabis: Customized European vacations; Filipino; DusseldorfContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Global Correspondents Gather at IGLTA Madrid”