#TBT The Middle East One Year Ago

Amidst all the violence and blame in the middle east right now, this essay by Peter Schwartz in response to Brian Eno captures our sadness at the intractability and inhumanity of the situation. Just last year, ManAboutWorld founder Billy Kolber traveled throughout Petra (above) while associate editor Kenny Porpora made his way through Israel (below.)Continue reading “#TBT The Middle East One Year Ago”

#TBT: Temple of Karnak

Back in 2005, I visited the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. Founded in 3200 BC (how’s that for a throwback?), Karnak is a vast complex of columns, temples and chapels in ruins but surprisingly well-preserved that had been built by more than 30 pharaohs. The great structure remains the second most visited site in Egypt (next to the Pyramids ofContinue reading “#TBT: Temple of Karnak”