#TBT: Move Over Apollo, Here’s Our Publisher on Delos Island in 2004

Our publisher, Billy Kolber, mimics an ancient Greek statue on the historic island of Delos. So what is Delos? It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Aegean Sea just a few miles from gay-popular Mykonos. It’s also the place where mythology was born, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, known locally as the cradle ofContinue reading “#TBT: Move Over Apollo, Here’s Our Publisher on Delos Island in 2004”

#TBT: Bangkok, 1967

If you can believe it, this is Bangkok. No flashing lights. No endless skyline. No chaos and congested traffic. This photo of Bangkok was taken in 1967, just shy of 50 years ago. In the background, you see The Democracy Monument, built in 1939 at a major traffic circle in Bangkok. There’s quite a bitContinue reading “#TBT: Bangkok, 1967”

#TBT: Temple of Karnak

Back in 2005, I visited the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. Founded in 3200 BC (how’s that for a throwback?), Karnak is a vast complex of columns, temples and chapels in ruins but surprisingly well-preserved that had been built by more than 30 pharaohs. The great structure remains the second most visited site in Egypt (next to the Pyramids ofContinue reading “#TBT: Temple of Karnak”