Grexit or Greekment: ManAboutWorld Always Loves Greece

Whether the talk is #Grexit (Greek exiting the Eurozone) or #Greekment (the new agreement with offered by European leaders to Greece), ManAboutWorld is steadfastly loyal to Greece, a country that has been graciously welcoming visitors for millennia and that has more than a few spots that warmly invite gay travelers (we look to thee Athens, Mykonos, SantoriniContinue reading “Grexit or Greekment: ManAboutWorld Always Loves Greece”

Where We Stay: Intimate Luxury In a Gay Greek Paradise

Bill & Coo’s is a Small Luxury Hotels property in Mykonos and for the most part a real gem of a hotel — modern, peaceful and sophisticated. The service is friendly, the beautiful pool inviting and the breakfasts tasty. Whether you stay or not, it’s a lovely spot for a sunset cocktail. The rooms are greatContinue reading “Where We Stay: Intimate Luxury In a Gay Greek Paradise”

#TBT: Move Over Apollo, Here’s Our Publisher on Delos Island in 2004

Our publisher, Billy Kolber, mimics an ancient Greek statue on the historic island of Delos. So what is Delos? It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Aegean Sea just a few miles from gay-popular Mykonos. It’s also the place where mythology was born, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, known locally as the cradle ofContinue reading “#TBT: Move Over Apollo, Here’s Our Publisher on Delos Island in 2004”

Where We Stay: Charm and Glamour in Mykonos

Located on the beach of Agios Ioannis (one of the most picturesque beaches on the island where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed), and just under three miles from Mykonos Town, the Mykonos Grand is close enough to walk home in a pinch but far enough to really escape from the touristy hordes when youContinue reading “Where We Stay: Charm and Glamour in Mykonos”

Our Favorite Photos From The Current Issue: Mykonos

We asked Dillon, ManAboutWorld’s talented photo editor, to share a few words about some of his his favorite images from this month’s issue. Here’s what moved him about this image of Mykonos harbor. When looking at this photograph, it’s hard for me not to envision a scene out of a Julie Delpley movie. One whereContinue reading “Our Favorite Photos From The Current Issue: Mykonos”

XLSior Gay Festival 2011 in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, a Greek island in the Aegean, is a delightful spot featuring a craggy shoreline with sandy beaches, Venetian windmills, and a labyrinth of small white-washed buildings attracts wealthy Athenians and visitors from the world over. It’s a well-heeled spot that’s been firmly part of the jet-set circuit for decades. It’s also very gay andContinue reading “XLSior Gay Festival 2011 in Mykonos, Greece”