It’s a Great Time To Plan a Trip to Athens, Greece

ManAboutWorld correspondent Simon Vasiliadis tell us this is a great time to visit his hometown Athens, Greece. Here’s his report. Here is my look at the self-styled Greek city of sex appeal and what you can expect from your time here. If you enjoy Prides, let Athens take you in for 2017. Held the second SaturdayContinue reading “It’s a Great Time To Plan a Trip to Athens, Greece”

Grexit or Greekment: ManAboutWorld Always Loves Greece

Whether the talk is #Grexit (Greek exiting the Eurozone) or #Greekment (the new agreement with offered by European leaders to Greece), ManAboutWorld is steadfastly loyal to Greece, a country that has been graciously welcoming visitors for millennia and that has more than a few spots that warmly invite gay travelers (we look to thee Athens, Mykonos, SantoriniContinue reading “Grexit or Greekment: ManAboutWorld Always Loves Greece”

15 Best Places To Travel in 2015: Mykonos…Because it’s recaptured its cachet as one of the world’s great gay island getaways

Every gay boy knows about Mykonos, which is probably why you don’t hear much about it. It’s almost a cliché to recommend it as a vacation spot. But while you were busy looking for the next gay island paradise, Mykonos evolved, shed its touristy, overexposed skin, and reinvented itself as an island that has onlyContinue reading “15 Best Places To Travel in 2015: Mykonos…Because it’s recaptured its cachet as one of the world’s great gay island getaways”

We Go Inside Greece For Our Latest Issue….Available Now!

Our December issue has hit the digital shelves and is available now for download! Explore the beautiful, historical cities and islands of Greece — from epic Athens to lesser-known Thessaloniki, from trendy Santorini to the stunning isle of Crete — we share all of our insider secrets about one of the world’s most sought after destinations! IfContinue reading “We Go Inside Greece For Our Latest Issue….Available Now!”

Dispatches: At the Port of Thessaloniki, Greece

Our Editor-in-Chief Ed Salvato explores Thessaloniki, an incredible Greek port city oft overlooked by tourists who opt instead to visit the more popular Greek Isles. But Thessaloniki is vibrant, bustling, and teeming with hot gay guys.

Where We Stay: Charm and Glamour in Mykonos

Located on the beach of Agios Ioannis (one of the most picturesque beaches on the island where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed), and just under three miles from Mykonos Town, the Mykonos Grand is close enough to walk home in a pinch but far enough to really escape from the touristy hordes when youContinue reading “Where We Stay: Charm and Glamour in Mykonos”

Athens, Greece: September is a Great Time to Visit

Our correspondent and discerning traveler Jon Allen, owner of Island House Key West, the fantastic gay men’s guesthouse located in the Conch Republic, sent us this update from a recent visit to Greece. Athens as a destination has been transformed by preparations for the Olympics held there in 2004.  The whole city has been cleanedContinue reading “Athens, Greece: September is a Great Time to Visit”

Athens Pride and Mr. Gay Greece & Cyprus June 8-10

  Why not visit Greece for one of its gayer weekends? Athens Gay Pride is scheduled for June 8-10, 2012. Mr. Gay Greece and Cyprus takes place on Sunday,  June 10. An IGLTA partner, Mr. Gay Greece offers packages via their website, taking the fuss out of planning. Spend a few U.S. dollars — yourContinue reading “Athens Pride and Mr. Gay Greece & Cyprus June 8-10”

XLSior Gay Festival 2011 in Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, a Greek island in the Aegean, is a delightful spot featuring a craggy shoreline with sandy beaches, Venetian windmills, and a labyrinth of small white-washed buildings attracts wealthy Athenians and visitors from the world over. It’s a well-heeled spot that’s been firmly part of the jet-set circuit for decades. It’s also very gay andContinue reading “XLSior Gay Festival 2011 in Mykonos, Greece”