Our Biggest Issue Ever! Honeymoons, Weddings and Celebration Travel

Our new and expanded free Guide to Same-sex Honeymoons, Weddings and Celebration travel — our biggest issue ever — is now available in the ManAboutWorld app, which you can download via the App Store or Google Play. The updated guide is our largest free guide yet covering a wide range of topic areas, featuring 11 of the world’s mostContinue reading “Our Biggest Issue Ever! Honeymoons, Weddings and Celebration Travel”

ManAboutWorld Global Correspondents Gather at IGLTA Madrid

Over a dozen ManAboutWorld correspondents attended the IGLTA’s 31st annual Convention, May 8-11. Here are eight of them from left to right, including their specialty, nationality and current city. What a worldly, hard-working, passionate group! Auston Matta: Travel blogger; U.S.; Madrid Nadav Peretz: Gay tours in Israel; Israeli; Tel Aviv DJ Yabis: Customized European vacations; Filipino; DusseldorfContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Global Correspondents Gather at IGLTA Madrid”

ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: Hannes Pálsson

Meet our newest correspondent Hannes Pálsson. Hannes was born and bred in Iceland at a time when there was little else to do but develop a sense of adventure. The absence of  TVs and computers during his childhood meant that Hannes grew up feeling like there was always something to explore and experience. This sense ofContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: Hannes Pálsson”