Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride Heats Up Iceland

By ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Vladimir Martinez The third annual Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride Festival will take place January 30-February 2. This Winter festival has been growing in popularity every year with fans coming from all over the world and joining the local LGBT community to admire the breathtaking landscapes, swim in geothermal waters, enjoy exquisite cuisine and, well,Continue reading “Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride Heats Up Iceland”

ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: Hannes Pálsson

Meet our newest correspondent Hannes Pálsson. Hannes was born and bred in Iceland at a time when there was little else to do but develop a sense of adventure. The absence of  TVs and computers during his childhood meant that Hannes grew up feeling like there was always something to explore and experience. This sense ofContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: Hannes Pálsson”