ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: Hannes Pálsson

Gazing at the sun in the Westman Islands
Gazing at the sun in the Westman Islands

Meet our newest correspondent Hannes Pálsson.

Hannes was born and bred in Iceland at a time when there was little else to do but develop a sense of adventure. The absence of  TVs and computers during his childhood meant that Hannes grew up feeling like there was always something to explore and experience. This sense of adventure has propelled him to visit over 30 countries thus far. Since joining Pink Iceland, he hasn’t had much time to travel as his time is now spent designing and planning other people’s travel or weddings in Iceland.

While Hannes is a meticulous planner he very strongly believes in embracing the unplanned adventures every holiday seems to spring on him. From being mistaken for a reporter in Prague and subsequently interviewing an Oscar nominee to winning a prize for best fake orgasm in front of a room full of theater-goers in New York he tries never to miss an opportunity to experience something new.

Connect with Hannes on Facebook and Twitter.

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