Miss Richfield’s Selfie Tour of Philadelphia Outtakes

We love the new Miss Richfield commercial for gay-friendly Philadelphia but I think we love the outtakes even more! If you want to check out what Miss Richfield 1981 is up to on her blog.  

Philadelphia Gets Its Summer Gay On

Celebrating a decade of getting its history straight and nightlife gay (riffing off their groundbreaking LGBT advertising campaign), the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection is promoting a very gay summer (and early fall). Here’s a look at some of the most popular events to plan a weekend visit around. (Before you go, download our September 2012Continue reading “Philadelphia Gets Its Summer Gay On”

Quick (New) Hotel Getaways in PA and MD

By ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Jeff Guaracino Do you need to getaway quick? Does room service and a maid sound just fabulous?  Travel doesn’t always have to be far away from home (just far enough!). Could it be as easy as checking into a local luxury hotel that is part treat and part escape. When you travelContinue reading “Quick (New) Hotel Getaways in PA and MD”

Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade Becomes A Drag

And that’s a good thing! For the first time in its very long history, the Mummers Parade — a fantastic costumed/sequined/choreographed extravaganza that takes place every New Year’s Day in Philadelphia — there will be an all-drag contingent. Lead by Philly drag star Ms. Brittany Lynn, the Drag Brigade will be part of what is normallyContinue reading “Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade Becomes A Drag”