Crossing the Equator on the Radiance of The Seas with John & Gavin

ManAboutWorld correspondents John Walker and Gavin Patterson are constantly crisscrossing the globe to update our readers on gay-friendly travel opportunities all over the world … on land and on sea, including a recent experience crossing the equator. They recently sailed on the Radiance of the Seas. Here are a few of their highlights from their experience. YouContinue reading “Crossing the Equator on the Radiance of The Seas with John & Gavin”

Heading to New Zealand or Australia? Head Here First

Travel writer and gay tourism expert Jeff Guaracino recently visited Down Under (New Zealand and Australia). He compiled his findings into a terrific tip sheet for anyone considering traveling there. And why wouldn’t you? It’s nearly summer in the SoHe (Southern Hemisphere0 and, well, the guys are hot and rugged! Here are a few ofContinue reading “Heading to New Zealand or Australia? Head Here First”

Bump! Gay TV Travel Series Announces Smartphone Apps

The producers of the world’s most watched LGBT travel series unveils a nifty new series of apps for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones. They currently cover 13 gay-friendly cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Miami, Montreal, Mykonos, Paris, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and Tel Aviv. I got to try Antwerp, pictured at left.Continue reading “Bump! Gay TV Travel Series Announces Smartphone Apps”

Tour of the Week: Mardi Gras, Aussie-style

Originally published in Australia makes for an incredibly exciting and exotic escape for Americans, especially those experiencing the last throes of winter, which in the southern hemisphere is actually summer. In 2011 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras takes place in early March, the perfect time to plan a visit during what is consideredContinue reading “Tour of the Week: Mardi Gras, Aussie-style”