Travel Tip Thursday: Top 6 Tips for Maximizing Miles

By Billy Kolber, ManAboutWorld Back in college, I worked a United promotion to earn a free first class ticket to Hawaii by booking a transcon trip in six segments and 8,000 flown miles. The paid ticket cost me $306, a fraction of the value I earned from the trip, and it launched a lifetime addictionContinue reading “Travel Tip Thursday: Top 6 Tips for Maximizing Miles”

Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Fly First-Class on Singapore Airlines (…and not break the bank)

Many of us dream about traveling in a Singapore Airlines First Class Suite on an A380. But we found a way to make that dream come true.  We (the very royal We) recently had the opportunity to fly in seat 2A on Singapore Airlines flight #26 from Frankfurt to JFK. Jealous? Most of our friendsContinue reading “Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Fly First-Class on Singapore Airlines (…and not break the bank)”

In LA Saturday Jan 28? Come to the LGBT Travel Panel 2:15pm-2:45pm

Yours truly is organizing an LGBT travel panel at the upcoming L.A. Times Travel Show tomorrow, Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 2:15pm to 2:45pm  in the Travel in Style Pavilion.         UPDATE SATURDAY, JAN 28. Click here to download the information to be presented at today’s travel show: Travel Show presentation PDF Lesbian TravelContinue reading “In LA Saturday Jan 28? Come to the LGBT Travel Panel 2:15pm-2:45pm”

Bump! Gay TV Travel Series Announces Smartphone Apps

The producers of the world’s most watched LGBT travel series unveils a nifty new series of apps for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones. They currently cover 13 gay-friendly cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Miami, Montreal, Mykonos, Paris, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and Tel Aviv. I got to try Antwerp, pictured at left.Continue reading “Bump! Gay TV Travel Series Announces Smartphone Apps”

West Coast Dining Deals

Originally published in Hope you’re hungry! This month there are two “Dine Abouts” to talk about in two west coast foodie capitals. In San Francisco, now through January 31, 2011, locals and visitors have the opportunity to experience some of the finest restaurants in town at a fraction of the price. You may selectContinue reading “West Coast Dining Deals”

Tip: Choosing the Best Seat on (Almost) any Flight

Originally published in If you think it’s enough to just choose your seat on a flight using only the airline’s propietary website, oh grasshopper, listen well. Sure you may know the best seat on the flight(s) you take most regularly. But what about choosing seats on a new airline or one you fly infrequently?Continue reading “Tip: Choosing the Best Seat on (Almost) any Flight”