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The owner of Sankët and the author modeling a Sankët shirt with the colors of the Argentine flag at the store

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Thanks to a favorable exchange rate, with $1 U.S. fetching approximately 4 pesos as of press time, Americans feel relatively rich in Argentina. You’ll be the envy of your gay friends as you strut around in your custom-made leather jacket or unique jeans.

There is shopping throughout the city, but a large concentration of gay-popular boutiques can be found in Palermo, especially along Gurruchaga Street, which is the place to snag the latest trends by local designers. Try El Burgues for more formal styles or funky shirts, sweaters and jackets. Sashay proudly around the Abbey in one of the inexpensive, butt-hugging denim creations you’ll pick up at Old Bridge, a local brand and chain of hip boutiques.

Also in Palermo, try some of the world-renowned Argentine wines or pack some for gifts at Rogelio Wine Store & Art, with its huge selection of wines and spirits at great prices. The store is run by a sommelier with a deep passion for Argentine wine.

Downtown, check out Sankët, a tiny hole in the wall owned and run by a handsome young designer who sketches out his clothing line, cuts the patterns and oversees local seamstresses. He offers button-down and polo shirts, jeans and khakis, and gorgeous handcrafted leather jackets. His style is simple and masculine yet sophisticated at prices approximately a quarter of what you may pay in New York or L.A. Speaking of leather, Maybe Leather custom makes envy-inducing leather jackets in 24 hours. Ask for Diego.

After a day of strenuous shopping, make an appointment at Markus For Men, an upscale spa for guys with higher-end treatments and prices to match. Locker and wet areas are a little cramped, but the treatments are excellent and, though this is a legit spot, there’s definitely a cruisy vibe.

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  • GMaps (great local guide-map combination).
  • CM by Carlos Melia inbound tour operator/travel agent and all-around B.A. expert.

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