Liberace Museum Closing; Era Ends

The museum entrance

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At the height of its popularity, the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas attracted 450,000 visitors a year, putting it on par with some of the most visited attractions in Sin City. But times and tastes change.

Despite measures to attract visitors in recent years (some bordering on desperate), only 50,000 people walked through the doors of this camp attraction last year. Unable to cover its costs, the museum has decided to shut down. October 17, 2010 will be the last day you will be able to visit.

Liberace, with his red, white and blue hot pants and knee-high boots, was the Lady Gaga of his time. He

A very Liberace-esque outfit

died of AIDS in 1987, but never copped publicly to his homosexuality. His costumes and accessories spoke volumes though, including his wild fur-lined capes; his 1962 Phantom V Landau Rolls-Royce, covered in mirrors, that looked like a disco ball on wheels; his candelabras, rings, and more.

The museum will close but the collection will go into storage. Future exhibits may be planned but this is the last time visitors will be able to see the entire public museum collection as it exists now.

If you head to Vegas, be sure to check out our previous coverage by clicking here.

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