Out on Tour: Aboard the Aqua Expeditions Aria in the Peruvian Amazon

When you hear river cruise you probably think, Europe, which is where the vast majority take place. And that the passengers are all much older. And white. And it’s lovely but perhaps a tad too genteel. Well, think again! That’s not the experience you’ll find on this river cruise. I was invited to experience a three-day journeyContinue reading “Out on Tour: Aboard the Aqua Expeditions Aria in the Peruvian Amazon”

Buenos Aires Update

ManAboutWorld contributing writer Michael Siebert (photo below right) recently toured Argentina with stops in gay Buenos AiresMichael and Mendoza. Here’s the first of three updates from his visit. Everyone likes to call Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America.  Let’s be frank, it is nothing like Paris; in fact, it looks like Madrid.  There is dog shit everywhere and theContinue reading “Buenos Aires Update”

15 Places to Travel in 2015: Buenos Aires…Because the Exchange Rate is Low and the Creativity Has Never Been Higher

It’s interesting times in Buenos Aires. The country’s draconian currency controls have created two conditions that benefit travelers: The unofficial “blue” currency exchange rate makes it more affordable than ever to visit the “Paris of South America.” And the inability to import goods has spurred a rush of creativity in locally-produced handicrafts, clothing and otherContinue reading “15 Places to Travel in 2015: Buenos Aires…Because the Exchange Rate is Low and the Creativity Has Never Been Higher”

Parting Shots: Cristian Flores’ Buenos Aires

We spoke to ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Cristian Flores about his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos. 1. Why do you love to shoot Buenos Aires? Because it is a big city in movement, I never take the same photo theContinue reading “Parting Shots: Cristian Flores’ Buenos Aires”

Bogota, Colombia’s Gay Side

Photo credit Our ManAboutWorld Correspondent Kai Whiting is a Colombia-based journalist who submitted this piece about Bogota’s expanding gay community centered around the gay-p0pular Chapinero district. This year has air carriers offering new and more frequent routes to the Colombian capital. In short, getting here has never been easier. This is good, because Colombia isContinue reading “Bogota, Colombia’s Gay Side”

Our Favorite Parting Shots: Cristian Flores’s Patagonia

In each issue we share our favorite photos from ManAboutWorld’s peripatetic Global Correspondents. We occasionally highlight some of those here. Today we explore La Angostura, Neuquen, Patagonia (in Argentina) brought to us by Cristian Flores. In his words: Villa La Angostura is located in the province of Neuquen, in the north of Patagonia Argentina. It’s a small town,Continue reading “Our Favorite Parting Shots: Cristian Flores’s Patagonia”