Guide to Montreal’s Gay Village in Time for Pride

We all know Montreal has a reputation for being a place of acceptance and inclusion, especially in Montreal’s Gay Village, which is is just east of downtown around Beaudry Metro station, running along Saint Catherine Street. Montreal’s Gay Village is where most of this year’s Pride activities will happen. Whether you are visiting for the parties orContinue reading “Guide to Montreal’s Gay Village in Time for Pride”

Correspondent update: Giuseppe Giulio’s Top 5 Italy Hot Spots

Beauty, the romantic town of Naples and the soaring height of Etna are just some of the treats in store for LGBT travelers making their way to this country — a gay-friendly jewel in the world. Here, we take a look at my 5 top Italy hot spots. Sicily One of the largest island inContinue reading “Correspondent update: Giuseppe Giulio’s Top 5 Italy Hot Spots”

Journey to Asia, Part 3: Adventures in Shanghai

Shanghai literally means the city by the sea, and it is the gateway to China. There are endless things to do and see, like shopping in high-end venues for designer items, or stroll through the backstreets for photo opportunities… or to hunt for interesting trinkets and traditional Chinese handicrafts. Read Barry’s Journey to Asia, PartContinue reading “Journey to Asia, Part 3: Adventures in Shanghai”

The importance of LGBTQ sensitivity and sales training

  I didn’t get any photos of myself talking but my friends at Proud Experiences did, and they even quoted me! “You can’t provide personalized service to LGBTQ people if you don’t understand us. For more information about the services we provide at HospitableMe please review the information on our website, highlighted below. Strategy DiverseContinue reading “The importance of LGBTQ sensitivity and sales training”

CheckOut: Hotel X, Toronto

The brand-new, stylistically-striking Hotel X Toronto in Toronto, Canada is anything but yet another cookie-cutter urban luxury hotel crammed into a downtown lot. Hotel X Toronto is a very short taxi/Uber/Lyft ride from everything that Toronto has to offer; making it an ideal headquarters for enjoying Pride Toronto or any other event in Canada’s largest city. StoryContinue reading “CheckOut: Hotel X, Toronto”